Vienna City Marathon 2024



Vienna’s running spectacle of the year

For the sixth time, we were able to bring the colorful Coke Village to life in the heart of Vienna, right in front of the magnificent City Hall a living testimony to what is possible when creativity, passion and team spirit go hand in hand!

Powerade tower: Brand visibility at its finest


Days before the kick-off, we were already on site, setting up and planning the colorful Coca-Cola Village right in front of Vienna City Hall and mastering every challenge with a smile. We set up our tents some time before the running spectacle to create a varied experience for all runners and spectators.

From the impressive Powerade tower with the best view of the finish line to the exciting activations – the atmosphere was simply unbeatable!

From the impressive powerade-tower, which offered the best view of the finish line, to exciting activities for runners and spectators. A special highlight was the emotional Coca-Cola Inclusion Run on Saturday, which was completed by around 700 enthusiastic runners for a good cause despite the rain. Inclusion and sustainability took center stage this weekend, buoyed by a wave of solidarity and support.




The Raceday could not have gone better. Fantastic weather, motivated Runners and a good atmosphere were the basic ingredients for the huge success!


…and maybe you soon?